Page XML Director - XML Content Management System
XML Director is the evolution of our Produce & Publish publishing plattform towards an XML-based publishing solution,
Page Produce & Publish Authoring Environment
The Produce & Publish authoring environment is a unique, web-based solution for the editing and management of content, the management of creative CD elements and control of all aspects of the conversion process - including the complete publishing workflow.
Page Produce & Publish Web-To-Print Editor
The Produce & Publish web-to-print editor affords documents a look and feel identical to that of the final print product during editing.
Page Produce & Publish Cloud Services
Produce & Publish facilitates transparent access to data and resources that are stored in the public or private cloud.
Page Produce & Publish Conversion Server
The Produce & Publish conversion server links desired applications - irrespective of platform - via a web service interface and provides all conversation operations as a central service
Page Produce & Publish Client Libraries
The client libraries integrate the web service interface of the Produce & Publish server into individual applications.
Page Produce & Publish Plone Client Connector
The Plone client connector offers elementary functionalities to integrate Produce & Publish in the CMS Plone
Page Produce & Publish DOCX Importer
Produce & Publish supports the import and conversion of Office documents (primarily Microsoft Word DOCX Format) whilst retaining the most important layout features such as tables, structure and linkage with style sheets.
Page Produce & Publish Conversion-As-A-Service
Produce & Publish conversion to be available as a cloud service
Page Produce & Publish Authoring-As-A-Service
Produce & Publish authoring environment to be available as a cloud service
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