Produce & Publish Authoring Environment

The Produce & Publish authoring environment is a unique, web-based solution for the editing and management of content, the management of creative CD elements and control of all aspects of the conversion process - including the complete publishing workflow.


The authoring environment integrates the following work processes under one umbrella:

  • Editing
  • Design und Layout
  • Conversion
  • Publishing

If you manage content and layout with an Enterprise CMS like Plone, you can control both the editorial workflow and the conversion and publishing with the same user interface, bypassing the need to switch application or workspace.

Automatic typesetting functions

  • High-quality PDF production
  • Absolute positioning of elements
  • Style sheets
  • Typesetting of tables (including tables in landscape format)
  • Pictures (CMYK, RGB) and captions
  • Truetype and Openfont support
  • Automatic hyphenation in various languages
  • Floating objects
  • Crop marks
  • Footnotes
  • Multi-column typesetting
  • Marginalia
  • Automatic generation of table of contents
  • Front pages
  • Comprehensive Unicode support
  • Support for left-to-right and right-to-left scripts

Screencasts & Examples

Screencasts about the use of the authoring environment and sample applications give an idea of what you can do with Produce & Publish.  We are happy to present further sample applications on request.


See our impressive reference list for customers who have successfully deployed Produce & Publish. 

Produce & Publish Demo Website

If you wish to test the Produce & Publish platform – and in particular the Produce & Publish authoring environment - please do not hesitate to request access to our demo website, which offers prospective clients the opportunity to try out the full range of functions.  Just get in touch!


Wir are using Plone in our school e.g. for the generation of school reports and protocols of class conference and have been searching for reliable solution for generating forms and reports. The product SmartPrintNG (now "Produce & Publish") is very suitable for our purposes due its flexiable configuration options. Andreas Jung gave a hands-on-training and communicate the relevant know-how in order to work effectively with SmartPrintNG (even for non-technical people like teachers).

Alois Mayr
Albrecht-Ernst-Gynmasium, Oettingen in Bayern