Produce & Publish Conversion Server

The Produce & Publish conversion server links desired applications - irrespective of platform - via a web service interface and provides all conversation operations as a central service

The Produce & Publish conversion server provides cross-platform and cross-application conversion services. Its core functionality is conversion from  HTML/XML to PDF via an external PDF converter. Additionally, the conversion server encapsulates conversion from Office formats (primarily DOCX).


  • Conversion of HTML/XML + CSS to PDF with one of the following converters:
    • PrinceXML
    • PDFreactor
    • PhantomJS
  • Conversion from DOCX/DOC/RTF to X(HTML) or XML via Openoffice/LibreOffice


  • Web service interface via REST API (HTTP or HTTPS)


  • Windows
  • MacOSX
  • Linux


  • free (additional costs may be incurred depending on PDF converter)

Source code and packet


Produce & Publish server:

We justed finished writing our brochure texts through the web and some seconds later we could hold the print-ready PDF document in our hands  - very impressing. Just a blink of an eye away and the PDF was ready - this this the fascination of this publishing solution.

Kristina Donath
Coordinator quality management at Immanuel Klinik Rüdersdorf