Produce & Publish Cloud Services

Produce & Publish facilitates transparent access to data and resources that are stored in the public or private cloud.

All Produce & Publish components will shortly be "cloud-ready". We have a developed a unique abstraction layer for file access which permits an unmodified application to access either the data in a local data system or data in the cloud.

Connection to the relevant cloud services generally takes place via a simple configuration process.  Once this is complete, a Produce & Publish-based application can effectively provide access to any database the user desires, provided that the respective access rights permit it.

Content to be converted can be prepared by authors in e.g. Dropbox. Generated PDF files or e-books can be made available on Google Drive or within the framework of a private cloud (e.g. OwnCloud).

Supported cloud services

Cloud ServiceStatus
Dropbox supported
Amazon S3 supported
SFTP supported
Google Docs planned
Google Drive supported
OwnCloud supported


Produce & Publish server:

We justed finished writing our brochure texts through the web and some seconds later we could hold the print-ready PDF document in our hands  - very impressing. Just a blink of an eye away and the PDF was ready - this this the fascination of this publishing solution.

Kristina Donath
Coordinator quality management at Immanuel Klinik Rüdersdorf