Produce & Publish Plone Client Connector

The Plone client connector offers elementary functionalities to integrate Produce & Publish in the CMS Plone


  • Provision and configuration of configuration resources (with fonts, style sheets, graphics, template), which are required for a conversion
  • Integration with standard Plone content types
  • Interfaces for integration with Plone third party products and Plone extensions
  • Integration with the Produce & Publish conversion server


  • CMS Plone (Version 4.2 or higher)


  • free

Source code and packet


Wir are using Plone in our school e.g. for the generation of school reports and protocols of class conference and have been searching for reliable solution for generating forms and reports. The product SmartPrintNG (now "Produce & Publish") is very suitable for our purposes due its flexiable configuration options. Andreas Jung gave a hands-on-training and communicate the relevant know-how in order to work effectively with SmartPrintNG (even for non-technical people like teachers).

Alois Mayr
Albrecht-Ernst-Gynmasium, Oettingen in Bayern