Produce & Publish Web-To-Print Editor

The Produce & Publish web-to-print editor affords documents a look and feel identical to that of the final print product during editing.


In the area of web-to-print, we make use of the new Nimbudocs Editor created by RealObjects. The Nimbudocs Editor runs on all modern web browsers and displays the exact same layout in edit view that the final print product will have. The editor or user is therefore able to directly oversee the final layout and can avoid making costly proofs or trial print runs.

Features of the Nimbudocs Editor

  • 1:1 view between edit view and print product
  • Fields can be individually locked or unlocked for editing
  • Collaboration
  • Change tracking
  • Compatible with all modern browsers (no Java or Flash necessary)

Possible areas of application

  • Business card generator (with access restricted to editable fields)
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Forms


Demos from the Nimbudocs Editor:

Demos from Nimbudocs:


Produce & Publish server:

We justed finished writing our brochure texts through the web and some seconds later we could hold the print-ready PDF document in our hands  - very impressing. Just a blink of an eye away and the PDF was ready - this this the fascination of this publishing solution.

Kristina Donath
Coordinator quality management at Immanuel Klinik Rüdersdorf