Generating high-quality PDF documents from XML and HTML using CSS Paged Media

Our hands-on training "Generating high-quality PDF documents from XML and HTML using CSS Paged Media" teaches you to generate high-quality PDF print layouts with HTML or XML as input and Cascading Stylesheets for the definition of print layouts and styling.


"CSS Paged Media" turned into a serious solution for generating high-quality PDF documents from XML or HTML over the last years. The advantages of the CSS Paged Media approach obvious:

  • basic knowledge in XML/HTML and CSS sufficient (you do not need to be an XML expert)
  • separation between content and layout/styling
  • easy to learn, easy to use
  • lower costs
  • higher flexibility 


  • text-oriented publications (books, newspapers, documentation etc.).
  • layout-oriented publictions (flyers, brochures, web-to-print applications)


  • Introduction CSS Paged Media
  • The region model of CSS Paged Media
  • Basic formatting
  • Multi-column layouts
  • Mehrspaltiger Satz
  • Pagination
  • Images
  • Footnotes
  • Header and footer
  • Automatic table of content generation


  • basic knowledge in XML/HTML and cascading stylesheets
  • basic knowledge in typography


  • PDFreactor 7.0 (alternative: PrinceXML 9)

Price and Location

Our hands-on trainings usually usually takes place at your company or organization. We teach in small groups of up to three people. We offer an individual training based on your requirements, needs and the skills of your employees. The price depends on the number of training days and the location of the training. Contact us directly for further information and quotes.


Andreas Jung has been working for more than 20 years in the field of Electronic Publishing, developed several PDF generation solutions over the last ten years and uses the CSS Paged Media approach for PDF generation since five years successfully in customer projects. Andreas Jung is chief developer and author of the  Produce & Publish product family and found of the  XML Director project.


Wir are using Plone in our school e.g. for the generation of school reports and protocols of class conference and have been searching for reliable solution for generating forms and reports. The product SmartPrintNG (now "Produce & Publish") is very suitable for our purposes due its flexiable configuration options. Andreas Jung gave a hands-on-training and communicate the relevant know-how in order to work effectively with SmartPrintNG (even for non-technical people like teachers).

Alois Mayr
Albrecht-Ernst-Gynmasium, Oettingen in Bayern