Applications and usecases

Produce & Publish can usefully be deployed in a number of electronic publishing fields, including book production and database-driven/multi-source publishing

Produce & Publish components have numerous applications in the field of electronic publishing.

Book production

Produce & Publish is excellently suited to supporting traditional applications.  Automatic, high-quality typesetting is the core functionality of the Produce & Publish platform.  It can be used in the production of books, newspapers, magazines, manuals and other forms of documentation.  The range of typesetting options and the typographical quality are comparable to that of TeX, although on the whole, Produce & Publish uses established standards like HTML/XML for the content and CSS for layout.

Typesetting capacities of the the Produce & Publish platform

  • High quality PDF production
  • Absolute positioning of elements
  • Style sheets
  • Pictures (CMYK, RGB) and captions
  • Truetype and Openfont support
  • Automatic hyphenation in various languages
  • Float objects
  • Crop marks
  • Footnotes
  • Multi-column typesetting
  • Marginalia
  • Automatic generation of table of contents
  • Cover pages
  • Comprehensive Unicode support
  • Supports both left-to-right and right-to-left scripts.

Database-driven and multi-source publishing

Business applications must frequently produce documents with dynamic data which alters with time.  The databank of a firm, for example, contains information about products and prices which must regularly be merged with actualised price lists for customer information.

The Produce & Publish Platform provides an open API, with the help of which content from different data sources can be compiled, edited and eventually inserted into the relevant template for the purpose of generating a PDF document.

The compilation and editing of the content can be carried out either by the linked application itself or, with the help of the Python programming language, within the Produce & Publish platform.  As a rule, this type of integration is industry sector-specific and necessitates a corresponding integration cost.

Graphically elaborate publications

Produce & Publish can handle layout specifications of medium complexity. Produce & Publish does not claim to be a complete replacement for an application like Adobe Indesign (Server), but it presents a competitive alternative with regard to its scope of performance and licence costs.


Produce & Publish server:

We justed finished writing our brochure texts through the web and some seconds later we could hold the print-ready PDF document in our hands  - very impressing. Just a blink of an eye away and the PDF was ready - this this the fascination of this publishing solution.

Kristina Donath
Coordinator quality management at Immanuel Klinik Rüdersdorf