Our own Produce & Publish projects

Hier finden Sie einige PDF Dokumente, die im Rahmen von Produce & Publish Projekten von uns realisiert worden sind. Wir können hier leider nur einen Einblick in die Projekte gewähren bei denen die Inhalte öffentlich sind. Die meisten unserer Projekte betreffen die Generierung von internen Dokumenten, die wir natürlich aus Gründen der Vertraulichkeit und des Datenschutzes nicht veröffentlichen können.
German Society for Haematology and Medical Oncology (DGHO)

German Society for Haematology and Medical Oncology (DGHO)

Generation of print-ready PDFs from DOCX for the medical guidelines portal www.dgho-onkopedia.de.

DGHO maintains the medical guidelines portal www.dgho-onkopedia.de, which deals with the specialties of haematology and oncology.


  • Medical treatment and decision-making guidelines pertaining to the fields of haemotology and oncology
  • "My Onkopedia"
  • Knowledge database with additional information from conferences and events
  • Archive functionality for guidelines
  • PDF generation on the basis of Produce & Publish (incl. table of contents, legends for graphics and tables, table headings, automatic numbering of graphics and tables)
  • Comment functionality
  • Converter: PrinceXML 7+8


Creation of a sticker album (photo album)

Locandy is a recent start-up from Austria that engages in the concept of "location based games".

We are currently developing a PDF solution for Locandy whereby a photo album will be automatically generated as a PDF and user graphics will be uploaded to a portal via a mobile app.


  • Generation of a PDF in reduced resolution for display on a local computer or tablet/smartphone

  • Generation of a print-ready PDF with high-resolution graphics

  • Rotated graphics

  • Different background for each PDF page

  • Converter: PDFreactor 6